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Do we need developer?

No, you don't need to. The integration and implementation of the customer service tool is simple, for possible integration on the website we will provide you with a simple manual of installation.

What industries do you support?

Part of the cooperation is the training of our operators and a high-quality database of information about your offer, so we support any e-shops and websites that do not contradict good morals.

Quality guarantee

First of all, we care about the good name of your company. The products and services you offer become the know-how of our operators, as if you had trained your own employees.


The goal of our services is to be part of your portfolio and spread your good name. Brand support, efforts to increase sales and optimize processes for you are a matter of course


We provide customer service in various forms practically non-stop in several world languages. You will always be able to influence the strategy of sales and communication with the customer.

Sales and marketing

In addition to customer care, we provide online business activities and campaigns that can be arranged outside of the standard package on a one-time or recurring basis.

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