5 tips to be aware of when selling via chat

by Boris R.

published 30 Junuary 2023

As we mentioned in the previous post, Online chat is considered a modern sales channel. As with other marketing tools, it is necessary to pay attention to a few basic things in order to achieve the success we desire.

Think like your customer

Do you know what your customer wants? It's really a difficult question, but getting to know the customer can make your work with the chat easier to an incredible extent. Prepare scenarios of possible questions and answers that would satisfy and delight the customer. It is not hard work and it results in added value.

Advertising targeting

Communicate with customers via chat, address them in the form of direct advertising. Chat is an ideal platform, you are connected with the customer "face to face", use it!

Encouragement to purchase

Gifts and discounts for new and regular customers can be a great motivational factor for purchasing. We all know what a good feeling these benefits bring, actions of this type can turn a random customer into a repeat customer who will return to you in the future.

Prompt response to questions

We assume that it is clear to everyone that a chat conversation is not an email communication and therefore we do not even have that much time available, the reaction must be prompt, as if in a telephone call. Customers want to feel - "human touch", that they are writing with a person. Be accommodating, your customers will appreciate it.

Analysis and evaluation of chat conversations

What could be improved, where did we score, what type of targeted advertising worked, what would be used differently next time? Many questions to answer, but necessary to operate successfully. We recommend performing analyzes at maximum weekly intervals and summarizing them on a monthly basis.

With the help of these tips, we are guaranteed to have a comprehensive view of the e-shop or site in order to learn the habits and decision-making methods of customers, which will help us in the progress of building a successful business. In the following article, we will clarify the most common mistakes when selling via chat.

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