Online chat as a powerful modern sales channel

by Andrea R.

published 3 February, 2023

Online chat is not only a tool for customer support and assistance, or a completed box in quasi-SEO validations, thanks to which your website will move to the top positions in search engines, but it is an excellent tool for sales. It can be said that it is a modern sales channel.

Its potential is determined by the capabilities of the application you use for chat and, first of all, by the person - the operator who takes care of the chat. Even with the simplest chat tool, a competent person who knows how to communicate and sell can address the customer and guide him in the purchase. This is called conversion.

According to our statistics for the All INCLUSIVE package, it turns out that proper content analysis, knowledge of the website managed by our operators, exchange of information, cooperation with the website owner can increase sales by up to 7-15% monthly, depending on the content, i.e. goods or Services, which are sold on the website.

When managing a website that is a full-fledged e-shop, the conversion percentage is logically higher, because a potential customer with a properly conducted conversation is more likely to make a decision on the spot and order the product or service directly through the shopping cart.

We operate sales via online chat according to our client's wishes, or according to our analyzes resulting from site traffic. The first way, when we offer a product or service that is in accordance with its specification and sales strategy in a given period, proves itself mainly in 'shopping euphoria' such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day and the like. The advantage of this method is that the client determines which sales channel in his business model will sell green cars, which blue cars, etc.

The second method is much more dynamic and copies the current needs of visitors, so the website or e-shop flexibly transforms to the needs of incoming visitors. Part of the ALL INCLUSIVE package is, of course, regular communication with our client and determination of the sales strategy, which leads to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved: us as the administrator and seller, the client who owns the website and, of course, the visitor who leaves satisfied.

And that's the point.

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