Do not destroy your page rank - the most common mistakes when selling via chat

by Andrea R.

published 11 Júla,2017 o 9:00

This time we will talk about real situations that should be avoided when selling via chat. Online chat sales have their charms, but also pitfalls like any other sales channel. The basic rule is to be prepared, to do serious research before launching and to design a strategy that needs to be modified along the way. Just as if you were standing behind the counter in a brick-and-mortar store or talking to a customer on the phone. You will only be successful if you are convincing enough and the customer trusts you.

When selling via online chat, there are several rules and hints that belong to the 'know-how' category of every trader, just like with other sales channels. You know it, someone will sell you a house even in Prague, even if you originally came to buy chewing gum.

Online chat is a sales channel that has great potential and any advice in this area from experienced traders is worth its weight in gold. Chatsupport offers online chat sales as a bonus service within the All INCLUSIVE. We know from practice that to sell via chat you have to study and analyze the permanent behavior of visitors and that means being online as long as possible.

If selling via online chat is done unprofessionally and intrusively, it can even reduce website traffic. The line between what is cool for the visitor and what is not, requires a great degree of empathy on the part of the seller-operator, and therefore not everyone can do it.

If you, as the owner of an e-shop or website, are attracted by online chat sales, and you want to try it yourself or you want to hire professionals, do not overlook some of our advice and tips on what mistakes to avoid, respectively, we offer you several signals that warn you that sales via chat are not progressing in the right direction.

1. bad evaluation of visitor profile

If you have created the right profile before approaching the visitor, the customer will respond to your offer or politely thank you. It is also acceptable if he closes the chat window without explanation. Well, if he leaves the website after your actions, you have not evaluated something correctly. If several visitors react in this way, we recommend stopping the sales campaign, you underestimated something when designing it and it can cause more harm than good

2. chat is offline during campaign

A sales campaign usually lasts for several days, the visitor you attracted should be able to ask you additional questions whenever he returns to your website. If you are offline, you will miss the moment when the customer makes a decision.

3. incorrect sales tactics buyer vs offered goods

the advantage of online sales via chat is that you can read the communication with the visitor as many times as you need to learn from it. The seller-operator can often make a mistake in the offered goods. The indicator is the questions that the visitor asks. If they are descriptive, not related to the products you are trying to sell, it is highly likely that they are not interested in the product. If you do not have something on offer that you can try to offer as an alternative, it is better to politely end the communication so as not to discourage the visitor and return to your website another time.

4. long pauses in communication and ignorance of the sold portfolio

The customer senses the seller-operator's incompetence and unpreparedness relatively quickly, according to the reactions. An untrustworthy seller can discourage even a buyer who came to the website to buy goods on purpose, because he wanted your goods or services and was thinking about buying them even without the operator's involvement.

With a properly set sales strategy via chat, you can increase your sales by several %. Our success rate varies from 7-20% depending on the website traffic. If you've decided to try increasing sales using online chat, congratulations, you're on the right track to stand out from the competition. However, do not forget about mistakes that can easily spoil the reputation of your business, try it with professionals.

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