SEO live chat conversion - practical examples

by Boris R.

published 9 February,2023 o 9:00

Have you ever thought about how powerful this tool is in terms of sales support? Perhaps you have come to the opinion that the agent of the live chat program should know everything about your products or services, as if he is the one who knows the most about your business?

Yes, maybe 99% of you would agree with this statement, but according to the analyses, the truth is a little different. The agent's knowledge and answering ad-hoc questions in the chat window represent the greatest benefit of how to satisfy the customers of your website, but first of all for the website owner live or online chat is a marketing tool.

Not answering questions, not knowing about products and services in full detail is a nightmare for an entrepreneur. However, an agent who is smart enough can get the Contact details per customer so that you can finally create a database of potential customers. Many people don't even realize that this is one of the greatest treasures you can have. Why? You have a list based on which you can:

  • 1. regularly send a newsletter to customers about hot news,
  • 2. maintain relations with customers,
  • 3. organize contests to stimulate purchase

Let's go back to the entrepreneur's nightmare for a moment, is it really so? I will give you a recent experience as an example. The customer wrote on the live chat that he would be interested in a kitchen unit according to his own idea. Even the owner of the kitchen studio would not be able to promptly set the price and delivery date based on the above request. In such a situation, the power of the agent and live chat will show.

How did our agent solve it?

Very elegant:

  • assured the customer that he is in the right place and the business manager will attend to his request,
  • asked Contact for feedback,
  • asked the customer to send by email as many documents as possible regarding the kitchen unit.

What did the shop owner get?

  • an interested party (lead) who has an eminent interest in his product,
  • an interested party who does not have to spend time emailing with store employees, but is taken care of by the store manager,
  • Contact details - for possible upsell or cross-sell in the future.

In the following article, we will bring you more interesting knowledge on how to convert a prospect into a customer using live chat.

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