How to use the potential of your website or e-shop to the fullest?

by Lea T.

published 3 February,2023 o 10:00

How to use the potential of your website or e-shop to the fullest?

The answer is clear, isn't it. You can never responsibly say whether you know your website visitor well enough.

Online marketing, traffic analysis, retargeting and many other techniques are familiar to you or your wise minds who take care of your website. But the question is, how successful are these tools and whether the data about your visitors are relevant, since they are based on statistics and assumptions about who the visitor to your site might actually be?


Browsers and web analyzers help each other by "predicting" the visitor's behavior on the basis of collected secondary data, tracks that the visitor has made, whether on your site or elsewhere. Therefore, with PPC ads and other online marketing techniques, it is considered a great success if the conversion, when you get the targeted interest of your website visitor, or even make an order in the e-shop, is at the level of 1-6%.

Investment guarantee

The guarantee that you will convert even such an expensive visitor into a lead (you will get a Contact and a promise of a non-binding price offer) is even smaller. The most common result is that you look for where the error occurred in the process and are skeptical about further investment in Internet advertising. Which is a legitimate and logical concern.

Where is the potential?

So, how to use the potential of your website or e-shop really fully and effectively convert expensive investments into advertising into leads? There is no science to it (in fact, it is when it is done professionally and properly), just ask your visitor: Can we help you? Can we advise you? Do you like this color? There are many questions to start a conversation, the effect is excellent. Doesn't it make sense to you, how can you talk to a visitor via the web?

It wasn't that long ago that in order to establish a relationship with a customer, you had to send many, many emails that ended up in spam, while you had to and still have to request consent to email offers and "advertising" in accordance with the law. Another alternative was, and still is, that you had to hire a call center to call your customers for expensive money. Don't forget that with these customer communication techniques, you have to somehow get the Contact up front.

What is the solution?

Chatsupport It offers you an undemanding and cheap alternative to establishing relations with your web visitors through a chat application by actively addressing them according to their behavior on your site (this is where the science begins). It is also the answer to our question about how to use your website to the fullest. Easily communicate, promote your brand and sell via chat. This is guaranteed to increase your chances of success, because you will actively use the potential of your website.

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